Floor Removal Inc. offers Dust Free Services for Removing Tile and Thinset using the DustRam® System

Why we became known as the "White Glove Demo" Company

There are many Imitators out there TRYING TO GET YOUR BUSINESS that "claim" to be Dust Free, but merely have modifications of flimsy rubber tubes or stock vacuums, subject to breakages and clogged filters. ( The result is pounds of dust suddenly blown into the room with no warning! ), OR they hang a lot of plastic!  DustRam® is military grade aluminum boring with no use of plastic or rubber.  All equipment is specially made for the DustRam System®. A design that took MANY years, plus MANY refinements, to get from Conception to the now current Patent and Production status.  This is the very real reason DustRam Certified Contractors can Pride ourselves as being the best in the Business of Floor Removal bar none!


We are a smaller company, but Floor Removal Inc has been an active sub-contractor in removing flooring in all of the Jacksonville and Orange Park Hospitals, including the VA hospital.  Numerous Retirement homes, Mall department stores, Strip malls, Office and Doctor clinics and major building complexes.  Included in that array were several schools and area colleges.  We can make it happen!   2018 makes for our 11th successful year!  No other Company for Demo has been in business even half that long!


We Serve both RESIDENTIAL floor Removal and COMMERCIAL Floor Removal Clients and Contractors.  We are also the preferred floor removal company for many designer oriented and do-it-yourself Retail Stores.


Besides offering Dust Free Tile Removal using DustRam®, our Corporate Charter PROVES we are the Oldest and Original Floor tile removal company in the N.E. Fla Region which includes Jacksonville, don't be fooled by false claims by others!  Check the Duval County Public Records and the Florida Division of Corporations! 


Proof not Hype!


We are the Cleanest by far in removing tile -- proof is by watching the Video's here and on YouTube.  Proof!  Not just hollow words!! This equipment is Patented and we name the Mfg and we are Proud to tell you what the Equipment is called so you can do your own research to prove that we are the only authentic Certified Contractor for DustRam® which is Patented -- the ONLY equipment patented and not claiming to be patented like others.


Follow the links provided here and go the BBB in their area and read How we got BBB Accredited STATUS.


Our Floor Removal machines ( often referred to as "Terminators" of which we currently own 2 ) and business plan has been stated as so successful by the community of Upscale Custom Home Remodelers' over the years, that now it has been copied by several of the current tile and wood removal companies, but the ATTENTION TO DETAIL and PROFESSIONAL work results have not been matched by any of them.  Proof is by carefully calling many random but High-End Builders and get their opinion of our highly regarded reputation vs. the many out there scrambling to get some business and claiming to they are the best! 


Many many times we have been told by our Contractor's that we ( Floor Removal Inc ) does a meticulously perfect job compared to the "others", and they would never call them with work again..."you get what you pay for...cheaper usually is never better" and "faster just leads to carelessness and damages..."  they all seem to say! 


Benefits from having been in business the longest, our electric(1) OR battery(1) operated and "Go Green" technology machines are operated by the best-trained operator Technician around.  No single individual in NE Florida has been doing this even half as long.


This results in providing the most cost efficient and cost savings in the removal of all types of hard and soft flooring materials.


If you haven't already watch the Videos on Dust Free Tile Removal, of which we are the Leading Company in N.E. Florida area, and the only Certified DustRam Contractor in a 4 county zone, please visit our Page Library containing the Videos by pressing the Button below.


We hope our site is beneficial in your evaluation of a qualified Contractor for your Project.



DUST FREE  Floor Removal of:  CERAMIC TILE-TRAVERTINE-MARBLE-STONE-CARPET-VCT-VINYL-THIN SET-FLOOR LEVELER-WOOD GLUE MASTIC Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, St Simons Island, Amelia Island, St Augustine, Julington Creek, Neptune Beach, Daytona

Dustless and Dust Free in Duval, Nassau, St Johns, Flagler, Clay counties in Florida