Floor Removal Inc. offers Dust Free Services for Removing Tile and Thinset using the DustRam® System

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What Steps do I follow requesting a Quote or Schedule a Job?


Press the "CONTACT" button at the top of any screen to begin you request notification to us, at Floor Removal Inc., Jacksonville.

We will contact you back and ask you some basic questions about your Project, to help in determining an Estimate Taylored for you.

When we call, we will instruct how the Contract System works, Deposits, and scheduling a Work Date.  Quite simple!

Who is this site www.floorremovalinc.com?


We are a North East Florida Coast TRAINED and Certified Contractor using DustRam® Dust Free Equipment for Tile Removal.  We were required to meet specific Contractor Standards for proven quality and Customer satisfaction.  We are located in NE Florida and also serve the Beaches.  Notice we are rated as "Accredited A+" BetterBusinessBureau rating, and been in business since 2007.

Do I need to have Furniture / Appliances moved before hand?


We prefer you have made arrangements before the day we arrive to remove your tile, to have had the furnature moved from the area we will be working on.  We are expensive in our rates if we have to move a room of furniture just so you know!  As for appliances we have minimal charges, and those moves can't be helped by the Homeowner, like the stove, washer, dryer, and the like.  The charges are listed in the Estimate, as well as a deposite, we furnish you if a job is scheduled.

What is this site www.dustram.com


This site Proves as well as Illustrates the Professional quality of the Certified DustRam® equipment we will be using in your Home.  If you move since you last used a Certified Contractor, you can locate the nearest one here. 

How long will this "dust free tile removal work" take?


Each and every job varies in time due to differences in setup time required before the job begins along with variants such as:  Tile composition; Type of thin set used; Thickness of the thin set are a few of the major factors that influence how "short" or how "long" the job will take.  The DustRam® tile removal equipment is very fast.  Usually at the end of the Consultation you will have an understanding for the job duration.     

When and how do I Pay for the job completed? 


Payment is due at the time we have completed your Dust Free Job and are re-packing our Trucks with the DustRam® System of Dust FREE equipment less the Deposite.

What needs to happen before the Job begins? 


Very little on your part actually.   During the in-person Consolutation, we will review the job you have for us, then provide you with a PLAN we both agree makes sense and fits your budget.  You can call us anytime before the date the job takes place with any additional questions.  We are here to serve you providing a high level of Communication and Professionalism.  The estimate lets you know the additional services the Crew can provide.

Is there a Contract between Us?


Yes!!  The Contract/Estimate is between You and the Certified Contractor, in this case it is Floor Removal Inc.  This will insure you of the Dust Free Service you will be receiving from us, as well as what Services are available and the charges associated.  At that time a specific calendar date will be assigned to your Project.

Can my Air Conditioner continue to run?


Yes!  The DustRam® Tile Removal System equipment prevents the tile dust from escaping into your Home, and since this Process is Totally DUST FREE, we at Floor Removal Inc. encourages you to run your air conditioner if you wish. 

DUST FREE  Floor Removal of:  CERAMIC TILE-TRAVERTINE-MARBLE-STONE-CARPET-VCT-VINYL-THIN SET-FLOOR LEVELER-WOOD GLUE MASTIC Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, St Simons Island, Amelia Island, St Augustine, Julington Creek, Neptune Beach, Daytona

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